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BCI (August 2019 - Current) - Ridgeand, MS

Director of IT / Integrations

BCI is a Managed IT Service Provider located in Ridgeland, MS serving the Southeast

  • In August 2019, I was promoted to a new role as a Director of Internal IT systems and Integration. This was a new function at BCI. This role is less management and more focused on the development and integration of our different systems; both homegrown and third party.

  • Created a Quarterly Business Review system that pulls data from different external APIs to create a single, cohesive report to review with our custoomers on a quarterly basis

  • Learned Docker and created a docker swarm for the various services I’ve written. This uses a cluster based filesystem for redundancy. This has reduced deploy time to a matter of minutes and has increased reliability greatly.

  • Created various "bots" to help our staff with different reminders and tasks

    • Notification of Prioirty 1 issues

    • Notification of new tickets

    • Creation of new tickets

    • Daily stats for Covid-19 so we can appropriately schedule staff

BCI (August 2018 - August 2019) - Ridgeland, MS

Practice Director Service Desk / Customer Service, Operations Manager, Developer

  • In August 2018, I traded the "Project Team Manager" part of my role (see next section) with the Service Desk Manager. This removed the management of Project Managers from my responsibilities and added management of the Service Desk and Customer Service

  • Managed a team of nine engineers and three customer service staff (remote and on-site).

  • Service Desk

    • Leadership and mentoring for a world-class service team

    • Created processes for SLAs and service desk practices to allow us to reach our 100% goal for Priority 1 SLAs. Established and met SLA goal within the first 60 days of leading the team.

    • Created training plans so all staff have a two-year plan for training and self improvement

    • Promoted our top engineer to a leadership position

    • Monitored key service metrics to give us better visibility of service delivery. This allowed me to make corrections with the team and solve issues with a data-driven approach:

      • Ticket open/close rate

      • Staff utilization

      • Response time to high prioirty issues

      • Ticket handling time

        • Drove average handling time from 34 hours to 8 hours by consistently reviewing any tickets over ten hours. These tickets were discussed with the ticket owners to review progress and come up with appropriate solutions

      • Monitoring of tickets that haven’t been updated in 5 days. Following up with the owners to address the situation accordingly

      • Monitored the effort (in hours) to resolve tickets. Made improvements by follow-up and working on improvments with the ticket owners. This took our average of 4 hours per ticket to 1.4 hours per ticket

  • Customer Service

    • Leadership and mentoring for a world-class Customer Service team

    • Implemented processes to allow us to reach our "no missed calls" goal

    • Implemented processes for service tickets to allow us to gather customer feedback and react rapidly to issues

  • Operations

    • Followed ITIL-based processes and policies to enhance our capabilities as a Managed Service Provider

    • Creation of core business processes: "on call", "zero missed calls", quote-to-invoice lifecycle

    • Created "exception based" triggers and alerts to shift from passive to active monitoring of process issues

    • Creation of QA review processes for service

    • Designed a quarterly review process (forms, meeting cycle, follow up discussions) for our company

  • Development

    • Creation of monitoring, alerting and utility apps and scripts. Using Go, Python, Elixir, PHP, etc. Following best practices for a 24x7 production environment.

    • Created a chat bot for our team chat to help with SLA reminders and provide different utilities for the team. This is written in Elixir and interfaces with Webex Teams and Connectwise

    • Designed and implemented a billing reminder system in Elixir that interfaces with Connectwise Manage to reminder our customer of upcoming and past due invoices.

    • Developed and implemented a program to audit Office 365 usage against our billing system. This helped to keep our billing in line with customer usage.

    • Development of security software to audit our Managed email customers for any leak of their passwords to third parties

    • Development of in-house software to audit and manage a managed print service

    • Development of a gateway to integrate our Fortinet devices with Connectwise

    • Development of a monitoring service that checks for the existence of certain emails or tickets on a daily basis. If there is an absence if a matching ticket or email it will take action to alert us

    • Service and framework to audit our provisioned services against our business records/billing. Alerting us to take action if there is a large mismatch.

BCI (Sept 2014-2018) - Ridgeland, MS

Operations Manager/Project Manager Team Manager

BCI is a Managed IT Service Provider located in Ridgeland, MS serving the Southeast

  • Managed Customer Service and Project Management departments

  • Managed and maintained critical business services including databases and application servers for ticketing, sales management, sales quoting, and financial systems.

  • Migrated all company data and systems from legacy CRM and ticket management software to ConnectWise Manage/Sell/Automate. Including all system design, migration plans, migration execution, staff training and day to day systems management

  • Developed and managed a new on-call process to take us from customers calling individual engineers to a fully staffed 24x7x365 call-center with multiple escalation paths so our customers always had an immediate and appropriate response.

  • Standardized issue intake and reorganized our service desk process. Taking this from a single person taking written notes to a three person rotation with immediate entry into our ticket tracking system. Customers went from multi-day delays in engineer response to responses that matched our customer service level agreements. For critical issues this was fifteen minutes.

  • Implemented and managed several key review processes including a monthly financial review of projects and a weekly review of service tickets. This contributed to direct increase in company gross profits due to better cost controls and more efficient use of resources.

  • Designed and implemented several projects and processes to optimize operations and reduce exposure. These were multi-year projects:

    • Migrated dozens of websites to a consolidated platform.

    • Consolidated all customer disaster recovery data (server backups) into a more modern structure.

    • Designed, programmed, implemented and trained staff on a stop-gap monitoring system for critical customer backup data.

    • Restructured IT staff to go from a "siloed" structure into a tiered structure to provide better responsiveness to our customers and to provide engineers with a clear path to promotion.

  • Started several teams to create accountability and focus training for specific business needs, such as, customer data backups and remote management and monitoring of customer environments.

  • Led weekly resource meetings to bring multiple teams together to discuss and create a strategy for the week relating to how staff are being allocated.

  • Created a five year plan for my department to assist in shifting the business from a break fix to a managed services company. This includes multiple projects and initiatives to optimize and modernize business processes. For example:

    • Replacing our outdated ticketing, quoting, customer management and server management software with more modern solutions.

    • Creating and enforcing standards for documentation.

    • Creating a suite of standard services and products that we offer.

    • Designing, implementing and promoting standards for hiring, firing and promoting staff.

    • Challenging teams to work in a repeatable fashion to allow the business to continue to scale.

Think Anew (Apr 2014-Sept 2014) - Madison, MS

Senior Engineer / Cloud Architect / Field Manager

Think Anew is a Health Care focused IT services provider

  • Provided Senior Engineer level guidance and support for client facing issues.

  • Provided project management and technical support for new service implementations.

  • Designed and implemented a "plug and play" design that helped to standardize our client environments.

  • Managed and maintained all server infrastructure for providing resources to our customers on a Vmware/Microsoft platform

  • Managed a team of six engineers that performed technical troubleshooting, installations at customer environments and critical data backups.

  • Architect for all E-Charting / Cloud / Microsoft & VMWare based internal and client facing implementations.

  • Guided the direction of our cloud hosting environment

  • Developed new product sets that can be delivered/sold to our clients.

  • Developed and managed all IT processes

  • Project management and Senior technical support for all client facing implementations as well as internal projects

  • Interviewed new candidates for various technical positions

Applied Tech (2011-2014) - Madison, WI

Operations Manager
Applied Tech is a Microsoft Gold Certified IT service provider

  • Interviewed hundreds of engineers and hired dozens to build a world-class IT support team. During this time Applied Tech was recognized by the 2013 IB Executive Choice award and was on the MSP Mentor list multiple years in a row.

  • Expanded Level 1 team from a single person to a staff of six with defined accountability and promotion paths. This increased our responsiveness to customer request while allowing staff off time to train and develop their skills.

  • Designed and instituted an after-hours (emergency IT services) policy that allowed for a 24x7 no-missed-calls response for our customers.

  • Developed our three most promising engineers into Team Leads to help expand our capabilities as a service provider.

  • Created and led a cross-department Customer Service task-force with the goal of discussing current customer service issues, generating solutions to these problems and enacting the solutions that we found.

  • Presented highly detailed policies to staff at Applied Tech

  • Regularly led team meetings for entire a technical team at Applied Tech

  • Managed technical team of 30 engineers at Applied Tech during a period of rapid growth

  • Performed quarterly reviews of technical staff

  • Designed on-boarding process for new engineers

  • Arranged and planned vendor training for technical staff

  • Planned and managed migration of hundreds of pieces of customer documentation from an outdated CRM record to a more free form and fully searchable system based on OneNote

  • Created various monitoring software to fill the gaps of our existing system including: monitoring of our BDR system, Exchange database alerting, an alternate patching method for failed patches, and auditing software for newly created workstations

  • Started a company-wide training program to ensure that all technical staff receive consistent and timely training. Used a modular approach to keep the system flexible and the training units easier to manage

Applied Tech (Apr 2010-Apr 2014) - Madison, WI

Level 3 Network Operations Center Technician

Applied Tech is a Microsoft Gold Certified IT service provider

  • Provided IT services to a client base of 100 clients - approximately 3000 Windows based servers and workstations.

  • Created several scripts and modifications to our Remote Management system to improve functionality and efficiency.

  • Tested and designed a new service offering to handle backups for all of our customers. This allowed our customers to have a nearly instant recovery of their business data and servers in a disaster situation.

  • Created, updated, and organized hundreds of pages of documentation to benefit current and new employees.

  • Performed troubleshooting, maintenance and support for our client base of 80-100 clients - approximately 3000 Windows-based workstations and servers. This included responsibility for the hardware, OS, software and related network equipment

  • Created several scripts and modifications to our RMM system and helpdesk software to improve functionality and efficiency. These included: streamlining of our CRM ticket view, scripts for alerting on SMART status of workstation hard-drives

  • Created, updated and organized hundreds of pages of documentation to make our policies clearer to existing and new engineers

  • Promoted to a Operations Manager in 2011.

Prior Work History

Available upon request

Relevant Technology

Programming Languages (Used in the past 6 months)

Elixir, Rust

Programming Languages (previous experience)

PHP, Ruby, Ruby Rails Python, shell scripting (Bash, Powershell, Windows batch files), Erlang, Lua, Go


MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Postgresql, Sqlite, Redis, Mongodb


Kaseya, Labtech/Automate, Puppet, Ansible, RabbitMq, Windows Group Policy

Ticketing Systems

Remedy, Microsoft CRM, ConnectWise


Bachelor of Science - Business Management with an IT Concentration (2007) Hamilton College, Cedar Rapids, IA

Groups and Organizations

  • Esoteric Inputs - Contributing member, developer and hardware engineer for an Open Source research group, focusing on different input methods and devices for VR, assistive technology, etc. This group encompasses multiple projects.


  • ConnectWise Certified Expert - CMCE-04092019-507992

  • ConnectWise Certified Professional - CMCP-05142019-507992

  • Fortinet NSE1, NSE2, NSE3

  • MongoDB M001

Select Open-Source Projects